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February 9, 2009




















































































































Real World: (above)
My project was to create my first ever zine! I love collecting and purchasing zines and thought the real world project would be a great opportunity  to bring my very own illustration zine into the world.
My dissertation topic delved into how we implant memories and experiences into the objects that we collect and hoard and I wanted to further my research by illustrating how objects can almost define a person. So I decided to take characters that we can all associate with: the stereotype. But I did not want to point fingers, or narrow this topic too much otherwise I was running the risk of fuelling the bad attitudes that sometimes accompanies stereotypes.
So I went ahead and made my very own versions of stereotypes, but with a twist! Everyone know the consequences game? You take the head of one thing, a middle, and a bottom/legs and make a whole new being… well I was going to work along the lines of how this can help out our poor stereotypes.
My illustration zine consisted of my images and at the base were quotes that I wrote of typical things my stereotype would say, but the zine would enable the reader to flip between stereotype and quote creating whole new attitudes for the characters.
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I recently took part in a few competitions:
The Missing Link Project: Create a Yeti. ( http://exhibition.pictoplasma.com/missing-link)


















Postcard Exhibition: Design a postcard. (Studio B – Cardiff)










Inkygoodness: Design a Totem. (http://inkygoodness.com/blog/colour-me-totem/)


















I think it would be pretty cool to create this into a sculpture!
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Second year of illustration and I find this very interesting book in the library, and I hope you all try to find it one way or another! Here is the front cover:

The book inspired me to do the following…!

I always love looking through other artist’s sketchbooks and seeing how they work, and how thought processes flow. So here is some (quite a few!) pages of my first year illustration sketchbooks…take a peek!

A beautiful old printing press turned up in the studio, so I decided to take full use of this opportunity! I wrote a short narrative about a few wonderful friends that basically adopted me into their little flat in Bangor. I did lots of drawing when I was up there with them, there was the most interesting roof-top scenery out their windows which I loved. I took a couple of my favourite drawings and turned them into etchings and vinyl-cuts. It does not say all I had to say about my year with my friends, but it was a little tribute, I hope to someday illustrate my love for that year of my life soon.

“returning to that scratched out living
step out little red hood and see those inked lovers
words of Heli, you will never know how much i love you
chewing on your facial sprouting
get that blackcurrant junk sliding down
only to be scorched by mint
embrace those red sky mornings”

Here are some images that accompanied the faceless silhouette (scroll down and you will see!) these were lonely and needed to be blogged too…

A project where I picked up my lovely Olympus OM10 (Set to Manual). I was playing about with the concept of eye focus and what we really see when looking at something, how time of day, shadows and surroundings can all have an effect on what we capture with our blinks. So when looking at my photos below, try readjusting your eyes and see if you can see another picture.
Hope you like!

“Silent snapshots in time of this fragile individual, her mind is a far cry from the norm.
You are only ever in the present, never reaching the future, never regaining the past. Memories distorted by the light funneling into your brain.
The girls are not there at all, only one. She sees their adventures, their findings. It’s just the beginning for this little one’s adventures.
Finding comfort not in her reflections or in others, they live inside of her like a foreign body.
Investigations into the world of dream.”

As you may have guessed I love to sew! (Which I thank my mother for completely, dragged me up good and proper ha ha) Here is my first dabbling at free hand embroidery on the posh sewing machines in university.

“Take Me To Your Here”
This is a book I completed following the lonely journey of a love-lost ghost, he wanders about the skies contemplating on the lost living world beneath him and how he knows he will never ever be able to return to the vibrancy of life again. But the ghost finds the light and he is taken to his love, to his paradise. The end!

This was an image I made in my foundation year at Bangor’s Coleg Menai (all the way up in beautiful North Wales). The whole project I was experimenting with my photography, since doing it at A Levels, beginning to wonder who really were the people in these still reflections. The project turned out fairly successful, but this image has always stuck with me for some reason, which is why I just had to put it up! I think it might turn up some useful answers one day.

I have picked up a dip pen and ink pot again and am absolutely loving it! I forgot the inkier you get the more fun it is ha ha. I hope you enjoy my drawings, they were part of my first year illustration project, discovering one’s self and embracing the city lifestyle. I was looking back to old friends, and these three images capture the twilight hours of those first few months I spent in Cardiff, with new and old friends and with a whole lot of noise in the background!